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Snorkeling at Aoredise
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Frequently asked Questions 

Here are some things you might like to know to make your stay more relaxing and enjoyable. If you don't find the answers to your questions here please email us

How do we pronounce Aoredise

The "Aore" in Aore Island and Aoredise is pronounced "Our-Ree" or "Ow-Ree".

How do we get from the Airport to Luganville?

There are local taxis and mini buses that can take you to Luganville (10 minutes). These will be available when you come out of the airport. If you prefer we can pre-book your transfers.

How do we get from Luganville to Aoredise?

There are a couple of local taxi boats who will pick you up from Luganville and take you across to Aore Island. They can drop you right on the beach at Aoredise. We can supply their contact details when you book, and can pre-book your transfer if you like.

How can we arrange further transfers between Aore Island and Santo?

There is a mobile phone provided at Aoredise with a limited amount of call credit provided. It has pre-programmed numbers in the phone for calling the water taxis, tour bookings, dive shop, Airline and restaurants. 

Can we cook our meals at Aoredise?

Yes you can. There is a 340 litre fridge/freezer, a 4-burner gas stove with oven, micro-wave, gas bbq, pots, pans, crockery & cutlery.

What if we don't want to cook all the time?

No problem. There are a couple of options for eating out on Aore Island. There is a great restaurant at Aore Resort just a ten minute stroll or paddle from the villa that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. And there is also now a Coffee Shop on the island - Aore Island Coffee Roastery. There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes in Luganville, just a short taxi-boat ride away.

Where / how can we buy our food to cook at Aoredise?

There are plenty of shops in Luganville, and also a great fresh food market. You will need some Vatu, the local currency, for most purchases. If you arrive in business hours ask your taxi driver to take you to the markets or grocery shops before heading across to Aoredise. If you arrive too late for shopping you could go the Aore Resort restaurant for dinner on the first night, then go shopping in town next day. You can exchange money for Vatu at the banks, or at a couple of the local shops. Email us for more details.

What else do we need to bring across to Aoredise?

There will usually be some basic supplies left by us or previous guests, eg salt, pepper, sugar, tea, coffee, sauce, washing powder. Bring your own food, drinks, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. There are no big shops on Aore Island so you will need to bring all personal affects and any medications you may require.

What is provided at Aoredise?

We provide towels, sheets & pillows, cleaning products (dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, mop, broom), cooking and eating utensils (pots, pans, cutlery, crockery, glasses). There is a TV for playing movies, and a CD /USB player. A full list of inclusions can be found in each room description. 

My flight arrives late, will I still be able to purchase supplies?

Some shops will still be open. Ask the taxi / bus driver to stop at a shop and wait for you while you do a quick shop. Or if you don't want to rush you could have dinner at Aore Resort on the first night and go to Luganville for a good look around and shopping next day.

What is the situation with power, water, etc at Aoredise?

Aoredise is fully self-contained. There is no town water, electricity or sewerage on Aore Island.

Electricity is from an off-grid solar system (240v Aus 3-pin plugs) with a back-up generator in case of continued cloud cover. Please keep in mind there is not an unlimited supply. Turn off lights, fans and appliances when not in use, and limit the use of hi-powered appliances eg toaster, microwave, hair-dryer, etc.

There are three 9kg gas bottles, one connected to the stove and hot water system, one to the BBQ, and one spare kept in the power room. If one runs empty you may have to swap the bottles over. If this happens please leave a note so we know to refill the bottle for the next guests.


Water comes from the sky, there are two 5000 litre rain water tanks connected to a pump and gas HWS. If needed in dry times there is a fresh water well on the property, the well water is safe to drink.


There is a septic system at Aoredise, please ensure no foreign items are flushed and avoid the use of bleach-based cleaning products.

Is Aoredise a safe place to stay?

There is a very low crime rate on Aore Island, and in Vanuatu in general. You are probably safer here than at home. However as always it is good to take precautions. Don't leave valuables lying around, and lock the house when you go out. 

The locals are friendly people. Introduce yourself and they will be happy to meet you and talk about their island and country.

There are no venomous snakes on Aore Island, however there are a few stinging plants so it is a good idea to wear thongs and covered shoes if going off the beaten track.

Is it safe in the water?

There is a lovely beach right out front which is safe to swim in. There may be a slight current as the tide goes in and out. Be careful when swimming and snorkelling, look but don't touch. Coral is very sharp, and some fish can be poisonous. As always, supervise young children and poor swimmers.

Are there Mosquitoes on Aore Island?

Yes, there are mosquitoes in all areas of Vanuatu. While malaria is common in outlying islands, it is very rare here. However please take precautions. Aoredise has screens on all doors and windows, and mozzie coils are supplied. Use insect repellant, especially after dusk.

How do we book tours, diving, etc?

Most contacts you may need are pre-programmed in to the mobile phone provided. Some will arrange transfers. For others, use the local taxi boats to get to and from Luganville. Aore Adventure Sports, the local Dive Shop, is jut a five minute walk away.

What is the climate like?

Aore Island is in the tropics (level with Port Douglas, Qld). There are two main seasons. Summer is from November to March, the average temperature is 28°C (up to 32°C) and it can be hot, wet and humid. Winter is from April to October with the temperature averaging 23°C and is a drier time of year. Sea temperature varies from 22 to 28 degrees making swimming enjoyable all year round.

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